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What is classier than a gifting box made of wood?

…certainly not much. There’s a certain feel of luxury that comes with presenting a gift to someone in one of these boxes. Coupled with the fact that the wooden gifting boxes from My Gift Box can be used for a wide range of creations, from flower arrangements to presents, these gift boxes are a must-have.

Wooden gifting boxes from My Gift Box are perfect for everyone.

Our wooden boxes are all hand-made

This certainly emphasizes the uniqueness and high quality of these products. The boxes are carefully made and are also meticulously assembled by hand. The finished work is a masterpiece that is sure to be appreciated by your end customers. These luxurious wooden boxes can be cube, round, or square-shaped. They can be made to suit your every need for luxurious flower arrangements or gifts. For instance, if it’s to be used as a flower box, the size can be adjusted to fit the arrangement, be it a small or a big one.

You can also choose from an extensive array of personalization options.

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