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Discover our range of canvas and faux leather gifting boxes. Each box contains size and color variations. Click on the box of your choice to see the complete range of color options that we have to offer within that category.

Canvas and faux leather boxes for irresistible and luxurious products. Compared to the traditional boxes, these gift boxes bring with them an irresistible charm which no one can say no to, thus making them the perfect gifts.

These boxes come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

There are round boxes, square boxes, as well as heart-shaped boxes. You can pick the design that best matches your company requirements, the color of the flowers or your market niche. Regardless of the flower colors, you are at liberty to make a selection of just about any color you want for your gift boxes.

You can also choose from an extensive array of personalization options.

You cannot upload artwork/logo or other files to your order using our website. You will need to email us your logo separately.